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Construction Courses in Morden, Croydon, and Tooting

If you are interested in the Construction Courses that R2S offer, then please contact us, we run these from all three of our centers in MordenCroydon, and Tooting:

Morden: Level 1 Ascentis in Construction and Multi-Skills

Croydon: Level 1 Ascentis in Construction

Tooting: Level 2 Certificate Ascentis in skills for employment in the construction industries (Plumbing, Electrics, Tiling, Painting, and Decorating).

Opportunities in the Construction Trade

Construction Courses - R2S

The construction industry contributes £117 billion to the UK Economy; there are 2.4 million jobs in this sector and 343,000 construction businesses in the UK. This industry continues to grow.

When you think of construction you might automatically think ‘builders’ but this industry has a lot of sectors to it from carpentry to engineering to architecture. 

Job roles in construction:


Construction Manager


Kitchen/Bathroom Fitter




Technical Surveyor

Window Fitter


Why work in the Construction Industry?

If you’re not sure whether to enter into the Construction Industry or you don’t know which sector to enter into then here are a few benefits you will discover when entering into this industry:

You will have good job security – Companies/Contractors are always looking for young/skilled people who are willing to learn and work hard, as we all know nothing is ever guaranteed but right now there are lots of available jobs in this industry and it’s doubtful that will be going away anytime soon.

Every day is different – Forget about the boring office desk job, every project/job you get could be different from the last in the construction industry You will find new, different challenges with each project and this industry will definitely keep you on your toes, so if you dread the thought of being tied to a desk every day then this industry could be the right career path to take.  

Transferable Skills – Apprenticeships in Construction can be a good starting point and take you to the next level with your skillset whilst earning. If you want to change careers into a new area of the construction industry there is a wide variety of sectors and Employers will always value your transferable skills.

Good sense of achievement – Helping build/create something tangible that you can look back on in years to come and think I helped build that, can be very rewarding. You are there to see the project through from start to finish, from it just being a plan on some paper to it turning into a building/skyscraper/school/road, the list is endless.

Money – Like in any industry we all start from the bottom and want to work our way up, gaining more skills along the way. There is a shortage in this industry at the moment of skilled workers so demand is high. Employers are willing to pay a competitive salary to encourage these skilled workers to come and work for them.

If you are interested in our Construction courses please contact us or download a referral form